Composing 1

You might find this essay interesting. It is from George Rochberg’s The Aesthetics of Survival-A Composers View of Twentieth Century Music.

“A long time ago I wrote about what I called “moral presence”. Moral in the sense I mean it is the true, that which is incontrovertibly the hidden reality of all that is, the essence and suchness of things. Moral presence is hard won in modern art- though it is there before us in every flower, in every animal (the gentle and ferocious), in every tree and blade of grass. It literally saturates the universe. Human consciousness is too distracted to be aware of it. That’s why … The Buddihists speak of quieting the mind. Only by the effort of inner seeing and inner hearing does moral presence bloom into consciousness. It is almost impossible to discover in this age; though it is there in a Bartok and ocassionally flashes through a Schoenberg, but rarely-in fact almost never- in my contemporaries. They are too distracted with superfluities and superficialities. (1985)

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