Winter 2015 Newsletter

Patterson New CD ‘Chamber Music I’

Chamber Music I, new compositions and arrangements for String Quartet, Piano, and Bass by Michael Patterson, is mixed and mastered. This CD features soloists Marc Copland, Sara Caswell, Gene Bertoncini and Judy Kang. Available March 2015.

winter-birdPremiere of Patterson’s “ Ave’ & Esprit” for Flute and Piano at a CONCERT AT ST PETERS CHURCH

Our collective composer group, Improvisatory Minds, had its New York debut at St. Peter’s Church on September 18, 2014. The concert featured the works of Improvisatory Minds members, Bevan Manson Ed Neumeister, Michael Patterson and Gernot Wolfgang and special guest composer Billy Childs. These works were performed by the outstanding flute and piano duo “The Righteous Girls” Gina Izzo and Erika Dohi. Also featured was guest pianist, Alan Broadbent.

The New Hollywood String Quartet plays the music of Improvisatory Minds

The New Hollywood String Quartet performance, on 4/12/15 in Los Angeles, will feature the premier of Michael Patterson’s 2015 String Quartet No. 1, dedicated to Leonard Rosenman.

Of their debut concert, in January 2001, Los Angeles Times music critic Daniel Cariaga wrote “The four players produce music both beautiful and immaculate, technically impeccable and artistically well-considered”. Now entering its third season the New Hollywood String Quartet has not only garnered consistent praise from LA’s most read publication but has already acquired, through it’s remarkably active performance schedule, a core repertoire of over 20 works.

mingus“Diversions for Charles Mingus”

The Depicted Vibrations is a new San Diego concert series that showcases exciting new compositions and performers. It is a unique and intimate chamber music experience.

The second concert, Volume 2, will be presented at 1:30 pm January 11, in the Sherwood Auditorium at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) in La Jolla. Google Map It will feature a trio of piano (Megumi Yonezawa, NYC), viola (Paivikki Nykter), flute (Chikako Iversen) in the first set, and flute (Iversen), viola (Nykter) and two double basses (Grant Clarkson and Ted Hughard) in the second set, followed by a special piece for Bass Trio produced by renowned San Diego bassist Mark Dresser.

The Depicted Vibrations, Volume 2, is also honored to feature premieres of two compositions by Grammy and Emmy award- winning composer Michael Patterson …including a composition for two basses, viola and flute, “Diversions”, dedicated to Charles Mingus.

one-for-fourCommission for the New Third-Stream Quartet’s performance at the World Saxophone Congress June 2015 Strasbourg, France

Five Scenes from Alphaville, for the New Third-Stream Quartet, is based on my musical impressions of the French 1965 science fiction film noir directed by Jean-Luc Godard. The music follows the events of the film. The “scenes” are characterizations, musical snapshots, and at times short essays, on the elaborate and multi- layered ideas and philosophies presented in the film.

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